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Hi All my name is ned

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1 Hi All my name is ned on Tue May 15, 2012 12:41 pm

ned tugent

I am Ned I live in central california out in the hills about 1oo miles southeast of san francisco and no I hardly ever get into town I buy most of my stuff online cause there is no store within 50 miles or so and they have little in the way of ammo or accessories. i have a few airguns also, it is fun shooting squirrels and such with my guns. I have no camera but here is a list of my guns, there aint much to do out here in the hills but i wouldn't trade it for all the city life in the world we love our freedom here , nobody ever bugs us and we have 400 acres to use as we see fit.

1 a Crosman M4-177 rifle

2 a Crosman 760 rifle with a 10 power scope is deadly to most any small animal

3 a Daisy Powerline 856 Pellet only rifle also with a 10 power scope on it, it too is good for lil varmints

4 i also have a Crosman 1377 pistol I carry with me for close range stuff.
I hope to get some good info on airguns and talk with some guys who like me love airguns......Thanks for having me on your forum

2 Re: Hi All my name is ned on Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:50 am


welcome aboard ned!

i built this forum in hopes to get members joining, but it seems
nobody is interested? or perhaps my advertiing is wrong?

word of mouth to http://battlefield.canadian-forum.com


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