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Modding a Crosman PRO77

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1Modding a Crosman PRO77 Empty Modding a Crosman PRO77 on Fri Feb 24, 2012 4:29 am


Although this pistol is pretty cool in its
original state, i wanted more from it so i've
opened up the breach by using a reinforced cutting
disc with a rotary tool, then folloing it using a
carbide bit to clean the edges up from the cuts.
If you plan on doing this task, keep in mind that
whatever alloy Crosman used for the slide on this
pistol is very hard to cut through and will take some
time and patience aswel a steady hand.

Before pic of the PRO77

Modding a Crosman PRO77 425455_366806610015041_100000571166430_1371499_470048167_n

You will need:
Rotary tool (Dremel)
Cutting disc/Reinforced - dremel
Carbide bit - dremel
Flapper wheel - dremel
Green buffing wheel - dremel (looks like wooly-pad)
220g sandpaper

Step 1:

Find a proper phillips screwdriver that will fit the screw
found on the very top backside of the slide. Remove this screw
and set it aside and DO NOT lose it!!
Slightly pull the backside of the slide up and push it forward
towards the barrel. Its a very simple design as the slide
just sits on top of the mechanism and a long spring that slides
over the barrel. Once you have the slide disassembled, now on
to the fun part....modding it! Very Happy

Step 2:

Carefully put the slide into your vise whereas youll be able
to comfortably and safely do your cuts with the dremel. Make
sure the vise is tight enough to hold the slide so that it
wont come lose part way into your cuts.
Using the reinforced cutting disc, start making the cut
along the one side ,then remove the slide from the vise
and turn it around to the other side. Then after these two
cuts are finished, simply do a cut across the front and back
of the breach but dont come as close to cut into the slide
itself. I used a screwdriver and a hammer to just knock the
piece out of the slide.

Step 3:

Carbide bit - Start cleaning up the cut you just did with this
bit until its to your liking. Just remember that you can remove
material but you cant add it later, so take your time and clean
it up!

Step 4:

Flapper wheel - Start removing the black paint off the slide
using this bit. Get as much as it off as you can but dont worry
to much about the paint in the creases, etc. Just get the bulk
of the paint off the slide.

Step 5:

220g sandpaper - Start getting at the remainder of the paint
left on the slide until you get it removed.

Step 6:

Green buffing wheel - To clean the work up, i used the green
buffing wheel in my dremel set and it seemed to work great,
and it doesnt blast off the alloy like a hooker! lol

Step 7:

Re-assemble the slide back onto your pistol carefully.
Use a dab of "blue" locktite on the small screw and
tighten it but DO NOT over tighten it!

New custom breach
Breach opened up will alow you to visually see the
mechanism of the gun as it fires, aswel as being able
to see where the BB is being loaded into the port.
Modding a Crosman PRO77 429828_369265199769182_100000571166430_1377832_1606532632_n

Finished product

Modding a Crosman PRO77 429828_369265203102515_100000571166430_1377833_1473194914_n


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