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Crosman C11 ~ Review

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1Crosman C11 ~ Review Empty Crosman C11 ~ Review on Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:37 am



After seeing this .177 air pistol for the low price of 49.99
at my local WalMart i had to grab it as it looks like a great pistol
from looking at it. The packaging states a muzzle velocity of 490fps
and it shoots 20 BB's (in a single magazine included). The sights are
fixed at both front and rear and are not adjustable, there is a
picatinny rail (weaver) to mount a laser sight to, the Co2 powerlet
is accessible by sliding the grip straight back which is easy and

Now this all looks promising bu let me tell you....this piece of shit
is cheap for a reason!

The so-called 490fps muzzle velocity is horseshit as i could litterly
watch the .177 copperhead pellets exit the barrel and see them go about
20-30ft outward. Then soon after shooting just a few rounds for the first
time...the fucking thing jams on me? WTF!

I pull the magazine out to see what had happened to have about 5-6 BB's
fall out from the chamber. Made sure the pistol was clear of BB's and
gave it another whirl. This went on for about 4 attempts before i
simply said fuck this thing and threw it back in my pistol case.


Appearance 10
it is a very nice looking pistol no question

Weight 8
doesnt feel so cheap but is synthetic)

Performance 0
This pistol is as useful as a Nerf gun! (which nerf builds better)

Accessory rail 0
Although there is a weaver rail on the bottom of the barrel, its useless
as shit. Even my Crosman laser sight sticks out so far it looks gay as hell.
and even then...you barely can push the On/Off switch as its pretty much
slammed up towards and against the trigger guard. (image below)

WoW Crosman you sure know how to build a cap gun! fuuuuuuuuu.......

Crosman C11 ~ Review 432300_355971381098564_100000571166430_1344140_1422583145_n


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