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Crosman 1088 pistol

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1Crosman 1088 pistol Empty Crosman 1088 pistol on Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:21 pm


This pistol came in a silver and black finish back in 2006
i believe but the silver one has since been discontinued, but
the black model still can be found at Canadian Tire for 119.99.
It is made of synthetic material and from this makes it really
light but still feels like a good quality pistol. It comes with
two rotary clips which each hold 8 BB or lead pellets. I found
that this pistol didnt like the pellets and kept jamming at the
barrel. The barrel is rifle steel, the grips pop off and expose
the co2 powerlet, and has a weaver rail on the bottom of it to
fit a small laser sight or flashlight. The accuracy isnt the best
on this pistol but its fun to use and looks great! This particular
pistol is a replica of the Ruger P345 Centerfire and Crosman did
a good job resembling it.

Crosman 1088 pistol 432192_363181420377560_100000571166430_1362742_213552358_n


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