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.177 lead pellets guide

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1.177 lead pellets guide Empty .177 lead pellets guide on Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:19 pm


Hunting pellets
These are not the greatest for accuracy and grouping will not be
as tight as you would expect.
.177 lead pellets guide 396783_336868989675470_100000571166430_1290855_1972175348_n

Hollow point pellets
.177 lead pellets guide 401027_339958992699803_100000571166430_1302083_2139704288_n

Destroyer EX pellets
.177 lead pellets guide 385423_338172819545087_100000571166430_1296582_1078560139_n

Wadcutter pellets (Super match)
These are perfect for setting up your scope as the Wadcutters punch a
clean hole into the target (paper).
.177 lead pellets guide 379049_341675762528126_100000571166430_1307281_860793239_n

Ultra magnum pellets
The Ultra magnum pellets tend to have a much tighter grouping and
accuracy is also improved using these.
.177 lead pellets guide 391851_337303806298655_100000571166430_1293206_985240475_n

Not the best accuracy but will give a slightly better muzzle velocity.
Dont expect a good grouping using BB's.
.177 lead pellets guide 396783_336868996342136_100000571166430_1290856_639284198_n


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