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Where can i purchase air rifles/pistols in Kamloops?

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Canadian tire- Dufferin:
Good selection of .177 pellets & BBs & accesories
Rifles - decent selection mostly springers & a few PCPs

Beeman 1787f .177 - this is a great starter rifle for beginners!

Ruger blackhawk (490fps) .177 - Priced extremely high but seems to
to be only place in B.C i could find this rifle?

Crosman C11 - Junk, do not bother!

Crosman PRO77 - Priced to high!

+more!! Check out their website^^
Canadian Tire - North shore:

They have VERLY LITTLE to offer for anything regarding air rifles
and pistols including ammo and/or accessories!!
I dont bother going to this location for any reason!


Wholesale sports:

Great selection of accesories and ammo! - This is where i go most
of the time to resupply!

Pistols - not the best selection in-store, but some of the
ones they carry (under the glass case) are sweet but VERY

Rifles - Not much of a selection, and and a PAL is required
for some of them as the exceed the 500fps muzzle velocity.



Pistols - a few

Rifles - like 3 models?

Accesories - decent selection

Ammo - not much!


Powder keg - North shore

These guys deal mainly with live ammo and guns but do carry
a small selection of items for air rifles/pistols. This is
the only place i could find scope rings for a 1" tube on
a 3/8" dovetail rail (14.95)
*Note: They can order a majority of air rifles/pistols and
possibly accesories - Enquire about them!



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