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Beeman 1787F (Biathalon)

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1 Beeman 1787F (Biathalon) on Sat Jan 07, 2012 5:59 pm


Composite material
Steel rifle barrel
Skeletonized stock
4x20 scope included
480 FPS muzzle velocity

This rifle feels like good quality when you pick it up and
hold onto it, the weight of it makes it feel real good and isnt
too heavy. The stock is skeletonized and fits nicely into your
shoulder. There is no fixed sight on this rifle, so a scope is
needed and can be removed to fit a new dovetail mounted scope onto
the rail. Now moving onto the stock 4x20 scope...I felt it was a
complete piece of garbage and the elevation adjustment wouldnt allow
for enough movement making your shots too low. I instead opted for a
CenterPoint 4x32mm scope and that made the difference like night & day!
With the new scope made the rifle look much better too.


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